Our Graduate, Ou Sei

Our graduates 2024/03/17
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I came to Japan in 2011 and studied Japanese at Nagano International Culture College for two years.
When I came to Japan, I could barely speak Japanese and was worried about whether I would be able to live in Japan, but the teachers at the school guided of my everyday life, so I was able to lead a student life without any problems.

At school, we not only learned Japanese, but also learned about Japanese culture through experiences such as the tea ceremony. This made it easier for me to adapt since I can talk about the topics that I experienced at the school.

While studying Japanese at school, I also worked part-time.
I was able to get a part-time job without any trouble because the school introduced me to appropriate jobs according to my Japanese ability, and by using the words and grammar I learned in class at my actual job, I was able to improve my Japanese skills smoothly. When I graduated from Japanese language school, I was able to successfully pass N1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.

We also had lots of fun events at school, such as making gyoza together at the Takashima Castle Festival and enjoying the Bon dance at the Yoiteko Festival, where we got to interact with students from other classes and local people. Additionally, I had the opportunity to participate in a Japan-China exchange event through my school, where I was able to make new friends and build important relationships. Another wonderful memory is the Lake Suwa Half Marathon that I ran with my school teachers and classmates.

Regarding further education, I received a lot of valuable advice from the teachers at my school. At first, I was worried because I didn’t have a clear career path, but my teachers encouraged me to become a nurse. Nursing is a job where you don’t have to worry about finding a job, and it’s a rewarding job, so I never thought about becoming a nurse at first, but now I feel really glad that I became a nurse. I can only thank the teacher who suggested this.

After getting a job at a hospital, I worked as a nurse in a cardiovascular ward for five years. Now, I am working as a medical interpreter at the same hospital, making use of her experience as a nurse. I have been able to gain more diverse experiences than I expected after becoming a nurse, and my days are very fulfilling.

Nagano International Culture College is located in a small town called Suwa City, and there are few places to play around. However, I believe that the clean and quiet environment is an important element that allows you to concentrate on your studies. If you want to learn Japanese properly, we recommend Nagano International Culture College.

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