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Entrance Ceremony for newly enrolled students from April

Everyone of new students have their own dreams, hopes and goals and comes to Nagano International Culture College. Their life in Japan starts from this ceremony.

Takashima Castle Festival

It is Suwa city’s festival held in May. Students prepared dishes from their home countries and shared them with people in the local community.


“Yoiteko” festival

Students participate in Suwa’s festival called “Yoiteko” in Japanese summer kimono, Yukata and enjoy Yoiteko dance.


To promote better understanding between worldwide students, the barbecue party will be held only for the first year students.


Entrance Ceremony for newly enrolled students from October

New students starting a new life abroad at Nagano International Culture College

The Fujikyu Highland tour

The tour to the Fujikyu Highland only for the second year students.


Ski lesson

The Winter Olympics were held in Nagano. There is a ski lesson held by our school.

The exchange meeting in the school

The students from every country will bring their food to have exchange meeting in the school.

Graduation Ceremony

The life abroad, which seems to be long at beginning, is approaching its end like the speed of light. Students take a new step forward, fully utilizing their Japanese language, knowledge and cultures gained at Nagano International Culture College.

Other activities

The college prepares other fun and exciting events such as sightseeing tour to Asakusa, Tokyo, Sumo tournament tour, sports events, and speech contests.