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Requirements for admission

  • Individuals who have completed a 12-year educational program or equivalent in a foreign country, or who possess academic abilities equivalent to this.
  • Individuals who have completed over 150 hours of Japanese language learning experience and possess Japanese language proficiency equivalent to the N5 level of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test.
  • Consideration is given to individuals whose career or age falls within five years after their final school graduation. Exceptions may be made for individuals beyond this timeframe based on reasons or their personal background.
  • Applicants must demonstrate the ability to cover tuition fees, living expenses in Japan, and other related costs.
  • Individuals who possess a clear vision for their future and demonstrate strong enthusiasm for academic pursuits.

Steps until admission

  1. Application

    Please contact Nagano International Culture College or a Japanese study abroad agency.
    For inquries, clickhere.

  2. Interviews and examinations

    We conduct examinations in Japanese language, general knowledge, essay writing, and basic academic skills. Following the exams, an interview will be conducted, and the final decision will be based on a comprehensive assessment.
    The schedule for examinations and interviews will be communicated in advance to prospective students by our academy, and they will be conducted on-site.

  3. Document screening

    Please prepare the necessary documents and submit them to Nagano International Culture College or the Japanese study abroad agency designated by our school.
    *Please submit your documents promptly as it may take time to prepare the required materials for immigration submission.

  4. Application for the Immigration Bureau

    The application period typically follows the schedule below.
    We will contact you with detailed scheduling information from our school. Additionally, the schedule will be posted on the topics section of our school's website.

  5. Application Period

    April studentsNovember of the previous year
    July studentsMiddle of March of the same year
    October studentsEnd of May of the same year
  6. Announcement of result

    The Immigration Bureau will issue a “Certificate of Eligibility” in the following schedule. Our school will inform you the results of examination on the same day.

  7. Timing of issuance

    April studentsEnd of February of the same year
    July studentsMiddle of May of the same year
    October studentsEnd of August of the same year
  8. Payment of Tuition fee

    After receipt of the “Certificate of Eligibility”, please pay the tuition for the first term to our designated bank account or pay directly at our school.
    After confirming the payment, we will deliver the “Certificate of Eligibility for Residence Status” to you.

  9. Acquisition of Visa and Entry to Japan

    Please apply for a visa at the Japanese embassy in your home country.
    If you are coming to Japan on the day our school designates, we will pick you up at the airport (Travel fee will apply).

  10. Enrolment

    A very exciting life in Japan starts from here!

Things Required for Enrollment

At Nagano International Culture College, based on the guidelines of the Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice, we conduct proper recognition application procedures for residency status in Japan. To facilitate this process, please prepare the following application documents.
Please note that the required documents may vary depending on the country/region and the individual's background, so please be sure to confirm the details with our school in advance.

Using our school's application registration form ensures that all required fields are reflected, enabling smooth document preparation.