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Our features

  1. A school with a safe and secure learning environment.
  2. Support for all aspects of life, study, and higher education from enrollment to graduation.
  3. Achievement of 100% of students who go on to higher education.
  4. We will do our utmost to support your daily life.

Greetings from the Principal

PrincipalJunzo Fujimori

Nagano Prefecture is known for its mountains and water, and has long valued education. Suwa is located in the center and has a noble history and culture of 5,000 years. Since its founding in 1998, Nagano International Culture College has been located here, producing many talented graduates who have received high praise from the universities and vocational schools they attend. At our school,

  • Learning the correct Japanese language
  • Development of cultural personality with international sensibilities
  • Establishing disciplined and independent lifestyle habits

We strive to provide guidance based on the above three points as our educational policy.
Teachers interact with each student with compassion and strive to develop their abilities. We will make it so that they will have no problem with their daily study and strive to realize their dream.
We sincerely look forward to opening the doors of Nagano International Culture College to realize your dreams for a limitless future.

School history

Founded October 3, 1988
Japanese language educationstart date October 1, 1989

Since we started Japanese language education in 1989, we have been enrolling mainly students from Asia for over 20 years, making us the oldest Japanese language school in Nagano Prefecture.
We aim to teach the Japanese language that will allow our students to enter university, graduate school, and vocational school. We boast a 100% success rate for those who wish to attend higher education, and all students go on to the school of their choice.