Acquire Japanese language skills
that will help you realize your future dreams!

Nagano International Culture College, which was established in 1988 as a Japanese language school in Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture, boasts a rich history.
Our aim is to foster a solid proficiency in the Japanese language that enables each student to realize their future dreams. We provide a supportive learning environment not only academically but also in terms of daily life and post-graduation career paths. The attractive aspect of our college is the environment where students can study with peace of mind.

We support both the environment for
learning Japanese and the environment for using it.

Nagano International Culture College provides a safe and secure learning environment. We provide solid support at every stage, from admission to graduation, living, learning, and advancing to higher education. We boast a high success rate of 100%, and provide strong support to help students achieve their goals. We also provide full support in terms of daily life, helping our students live a safe and comfortable life.


Suwa City has a unique richness that is different from the big city. Its richness comes from its ancient history and culture, as well as its coexistence with nature.
Buildings such as Suwa Taisha Shrine and Takashima Castle give a sense of the weight of history, and the townscape still retains its charm as a castle town, creating a richly atmospheric atmosphere.
It is blessed with an environment rich in nature, and the beautiful scenery of Lake Suwa and Kirigamine will wash your soul. You can enjoy nature in all four seasons, such as hiking and camping in the summer, and skiing and trekking in the winter.
Nagano International Culture College offers a variety of activities that take advantage of this rich natural environment and history. You will be able to experience the natural beauty and traditional culture unique to Suwa, and make your student life even more special.

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About admission

Nagano International Culture College welcomes people who not only aim to go to higher education or get a job, but also want to enrich their lives in Japan. We support your enthusiasm for learning Japanese and provide a heart-rich learning environment.
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